Will be working with players to explore ways to improve field e

  • The NBA Judges Association issued a statement of NBA Live Mobile Coins apology today about the clash between Warriors guard Sean Livingston and referee Courtney Kirkland.

    "We are very sorry for the recent incidents between Livingston and Kirkland occurred, NBA referees association has contacted the NBA players union, we will explore ways to improve the exchange floor and civilized behavior." NBA referees association said so.

    According to previous reports, the Warriors win over the Miami Heat's game, the second game when the left 6 minutes and 24 seconds, Livingston complaining to the referee Kirkland after a shot, and then the two contradict each other head. Finally, Livingston was deported due to a collision with the referee. The NBA after re-watching the game video identified, Kirkland had to Livingston action, for the two conflict also have a responsibility, therefore punishment suspended a week.