No PC-Xbox-One-Crossplay planned

  • No PC-Xbox-One-Crossplay planned
    Even if the console version is identical to that of the PC, there will probably Path Of Exile items for sale be no crossplay between these two platforms. On the one hand, there would be too many technical challenges, but there would not have been a satisfactory solution for the issues of balance and fairness. There will not be a trade chat on the Xbox, controllers would simply not be a good way to enter text, Buy Path Of Exile items Wilson explained.
    One of the hardest tasks would have been the management of the precious stones. One is sure, so far not yet found the perfect solution, Gems to base and move, it is. At present this is still a painful procedure. More questions as well as answers can be found at Reddit. On our Path of Exile theme page, we'll keep you up to date on upcoming updates.