China Car Elevator design has evolved recently

  • China Car design has evolved recently to provide designers with great flexibility that incorporates the system seamlessly within standard frame and masonry construction types found in most home construction. There are ultra-compact designs that can fit into a 34" x 34" shaft area. These compact units do require an additional electrical panel and mechanical device area of 16" wide x 6" deep that is generally concealed in the same shaft area and quite simply provide the user with maintenance free use. There are elevators that can be installed inside or on the home's exterior. There are also self-contained models.

    Another common myth is that an elevator may be unsafe to stay in. This is not true. In fact, elevators are designed in a way that they are completely safe in all situations. In fact, they are so safe that you should not attempt to get out of them in case the power goes out temporarily or if there is a brief delay. You should simply wait inside, since these cars are extremely safe.

    Are residential elevators worth your consideration? Maybe so. Ask yourself these questions: Does your current residence have multiple levels of living space? Do you find yourself wishing for an easier transition between these levels even on the rare occasion when you are NOT hauling the groceries or the laundry from level to level? Or are there simply areas of living space at your home that can no longer be enjoyed because of disability?

    Take just a minute to imagine the smooth ride of Stretcher from the garage level to the kitchen level in about 20 seconds! If you have a multi-level home with this type arrangement, this thought has no doubt entered your mind! And let's face it although we all wish for eternal youth and perfect health, the simple fact is that 36% of us may experience the need for an easier means of egress between levels of our home in the future due to partial and permanent disabilities.