Play the Best Online Casino Games in Malaysia

  • Despite being illegal in Malaysia, many Malaysians still enjoy playing the online casino games. How is it possible? One way to play safely is by joining a trusted online casino. This way even if they are caught in the act, the penalty will be much lesser compared to playing in brick-and-mortar casino. With that in mind, Malaysians can enjoy and play the best online casino games in Malaysia without any worries. Now the question is: what are these games?

    Dragon Tiger

    If you are familiar with the game Baccarat, then you would also like the game of Dragon Tiger. Here the gameplay is almost similar, you will choose which hand will have a high card between the Dragon and Tiger. There can be also a Tie, however this bet is not recommended according to the betting information because it rarely occurs in the game. Cards are ranked depending on their face value, King is the highest and A is the lowest.

    You actually don’t need any betting strategies in order to become a successful Dragon Tiger player. You need to simply trust your luck and spend money responsibly. Just like baccarat you will also find side bets which adds excitement to the game. And you’ll find betting information about the last results below the screen which is great for making the right bets.

    Sic Bo

    Next is the game of sic bo. This is an ancient Chinese game which is played using a table layout, and a pair of dices. The betting information is easy to understand. Simply guess the outcome when the three dices is rolled. First you choose the amount you wager, then place in at the corresponding bet on the table layout. Since you are playing online, you could easily place wagers and also paly it on your mobile devices.

    The great thing about sic bo is the wide variety of wagers you can make. Makes it one of the best online casino games in QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia. There are different odds and probabilities of every bet you need to learn first using this betting information.