water purification applications plus products for wastewater p

  • We are one of Europe's biggest suppliers of aluminum-based flocculants. Used in different parts of the water treatment chemical industry, our primary flocculants and flocculation aids can assist with the separation of suspended, dispersed or colloidal particles or impurities from liquid solutions.
    Long favored by water utility operators and municipal authorities, our polyaluminum chloride-based primary flocculants are used to produce drinking water in accordance with purity standards: DIN EN 881 and 883. We also have specialist polyaluminum chloride products available for the treatment of water used in the manufacture of paper and board; and for use at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
    Supplied in liquid form for precise metering, our polyaluminium chlorides are easy to handle and can enable flocculation in low temperature water – which can save time and money. Our flocculant products for the water treatment industry are marketed under a variety of brand names including NICASAL®; SACHTOKLAR® and SYNTHOFLOC™ flocculants and PAPYRUS® additive.
    We also produce ferrous sulfate heptahydrate, which can be used directly in water treatment plants to improve the coagulation and removal of elements such as phosphorus.