NBA Live Mobile TOTW 15 Tips: Team of the Week 15 Isaiah Thomas

  • Thomas led the Celtics last week, led the four-game winning streak, and winning streak to seven games, he averaged last week's league can get the highest 37.8 Coins, shooting 49.4%,nbamtcoins in addition to averaging 6.8 Assists recorded. TOTW is headlined by 92 OVR Isaiah Thomas which is available in packs for 48 hours. If you are new to TOTW program, check out our news post that breaks down exactly how it works.Thomas's in shooting, 2 from the lineup boost, 2 from Harden, will give him 90 3pt stats. 97 CLUTCH. Finally some love for Mr Fourth Quarter. Plus that 95 shooting touch! The little guy puts the ball over anybody and sinks it in real life and finally in the game. He's literally like the Allen iverson legend card but doesn't get blocked as much for some reason and plays PG and shorter.

    90 OVR Kyle Lowry: Well at least big moments players reached 90 ratings. 97 Clutch and 94 Conditioning very well. he was a very underrated Coin guard and still is he does stuff that are really important.

    86 OVR Seth Curry: Seth Curry's in one lineup very good and we can have both currys in same lineup .He's overrated, He is benefiting from his last name. EA makes the cards that bring in the money. Steph's little bro brings in the dough. He deserved a gold card. In any NBA video games, dunk is always not only an exciting way to score but also refreshing to watch. There are a variety of different ways to have different dunks. How do we dunk in NBA Live Mobile? How should we choose the dunk style for different players? Learn how to dunk on NBA Live Mobile.

    When first introduced with "the Charging Circle" plenty of people thought it was a gimmick that hindered defensive players. Now that fringe gimmick is one of the most useful tools when gauging where to attempt a dunk from. I discovered how useful this marker was when throwing layups around in the Dunk Drill. If you take off too far in front of the Dunk Circle your player will either stop driving and shoot or perform a layup in lieu of a dunk. If you move past the Dunk Circle, similar results occur as your player will most likely attempt a lay-up. Click Here