• The living room is the first place room you or your guests see upon entering your home, so naturally it has to look good constantly. Plus it’s where you spend most of the time with people watching television, holding social gatherings or game nights.

    With so much traffic, your sofa is bound to get dirty or damaged through wear and tear and if you think about it – would you really want to wait until the sofa looks so dilapidated beyond recovery that you start searching for a solution? Of course not, which is why it makes sense to always keep a spare and get a custom slipcover for your sofa if you haven’t already got one.

    But what are the other reasons to change your slipcovers besides the aesthetic?


    In many cases, cleanliness in the living room is often overlooked. In comparison, we would change our bedsheets every month – but when was the last time you changed your sofa slipcovers?

    We’re encouraged to wash/change our sofa covers at least once a year, twice a year for those with allergies. I’m sure many are aware of the notorious dust mites on your beds, and these are also present on your carpets and sofas as well. So don’t be surprised to find a few creepy crawlies nesting between the loose change tucked somewhere in the sofa as well.

    If you have pets and kids, there’s a larger tendency to have more dead skin, pet hair, sweat and other careless spillages that even the adults have no control over. Spot cleaning helps, but you will never be able to get rid of all the dirt and dust mites this way. Changing and washing your slipcovers occasionally however, would definitely make the difference in breathing more easily around the living area.

    Longer-life Sofa

    Especially if your sofa is an upholstered one that doesn’t come with any slipcovers, its lifespan becomes very dependent on how well you take care of it. For one, unless stated, your sofa should NEVER be placed under direct sunlight, especially over prolonged periods of time. Just like humans get tanned or sunburnt, fabrics will discolour and the darker the colour – the more obvious the discolouration.

    It’s also quite commonly taken for granted that darker coloured sofas mean it’s easier to hide stains, dust, dirt, etc – which when accumulated over time only damages the sofa even further.

    With that said, it makes sense to get machine washable custom sofa slipcovers for 2 good reasons:
    1) It gives your sofa an added layer of protection, meaning fresh, clean and bright covers always – because they’re washable!
    2) It covers up all the imperfections your sofa had – discolouration, stains, torn fabric, etc.

    As long as your sofa is still in reasonably good condition inside, all it needs is just a simple exterior makeover.

    Let’s face it, accidents are bound to happen no matter how careful we are, which is why many of us are opting for removable and machine-washable slipcovers.