Cloud Infrastructure Architect

  • Cloud Infrastructure Architect

    A Cloud Infrastructure Architect is an IT professional who supervises an organization’s cloud computing ecosystem. This includes cloud adoption, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring.

    Cloud architects manage application architecture and its deployment in a cloud-based environment. This includes the public cloud, the private cloud, and the hybrid cloud. Furthermore, cloud architects provide a variety of consulting services to their organizations, and they must be up-to-date on the newest trends and issues.

    Cloud Infrastructure Architect

    Architects also negotiate technical support contracts with cloud providers, which include service level agreements. Architects can be involved in projects consisting of thousands of applications running on tens of thousands of servers.

    Over the period, as IT has developed considerably more multifaceted, several types of IT infrastructure architect job roles have come to the marketplace. At present, you can see careers that comprise enterprise architect, application architect, cloud infrastructure architect and many more, with the cloud infrastructure architect as one of the primary key in that total category.