Are there any advantages/disadvantages on the currency item sys

  • To the gold? Yeah, it’s mainly the economy that form of like doesn't have any inflation. A large amount of games have gold likewise, but they’ve got fixed prices of certain things therefore you get this way weird effect in which the economy is inflating only the stuff for the bottom is actually cheap. And, certainly, the complete auction house thing in D3 the location where the gold sort of became more plus more valueless. It’s challenging to make enough gold sinks for POE Currency all of the gold on the market. But when you set up items, it’s the same as… many those problems just go away. And another thing at the same time is that players don’t appear to miss it. We type of thought removing gold from an ARPG is much like crazy… right? Everyone would certainly find that so alien. But yet, i really enjoy seeing the players just didn’t… it didn’t really bother them! Like a barter economy has actually worked rather effectively.
    Have there been any problems where someone’s broken the device?
    Um… not too I know of. But we’re keeping a close watch out for the people things. We have like, you realize, internal metrics and keep tabs on what individuals are doing. To make sure that people… no one’s getting an excessive amount of currency or something that way… way too many currency items. It seems to Buy POE Items get going well. And additional thing is the fact the economy doesn’t really… like, the exact amount of currency from the system doesn’t really grow an excessive amount over time because folks are always consuming it. It scales to the volume of players greater than it does the quantity of… the total amount of time.