How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow Problem?

  • The beauty of AOL Desktop Gold is that users can access and explore the world of AOL using just this one platform. Through AOL Desktop Gold you can reply to emails from your AOL contacts, play different online games, or simply browse the web. This new browser has premium security features that can alert users whenever they visit a dangerous site. However, even though it has the latest technology and enhanced security, users sometimes encounter errors while using AOL Desktop Gold. Whenever you find that your AOL desktop not responding then the best thing to do is to call the customer care number and ask for technical assistance. You can also read through this article to learn more about some basic troubleshooting steps so that you can try and resolve minor technical errors on your own.

    Solutions to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Running Slow Problem:

    Solution 1: Restart your computer

    Sometimes the easiest solution is often the most effective, which is the case when AOL Desktop Gold is running slowly. A simple restart of your computer will clear many of the minor technical issues that can affect AOL Gold. Restarting your computer will automatically flush out the RAM and remove any temporary data that is slowing down your system. When you restart your computer it also resets your internet connection enabling AOL Desktop Gold to load faster

    Solution 2: Disable Startup Programs

    Windows Startup programs, as the name itself suggests, are programs that open automatically as soon as you start your Windows computer. The more software and apps you install the longer is your list of startup programs. The more programs you have on the startup list the more time it takes for your computer to come on. However, not all the programs on the list are necessary for Windows to run smoothly. Disabling certain unnecessary startup programs will allow you to boost the Windows boot time and will help AOL Desktop Gold to run faster.

    Solution 3: Check Network Connections:

    Although this solution is quite obvious it is often overlooked by many AOL users. The problem lies in the fact that if your internet connection is slow then it is quite clear that AOL Desktop Gold will also run slowly. You should check all the cables, including the router and the modem, to make sure everything is in place and that your internet connection is stable. You could also try pausing any downloads that may be running in the background so that it does not slow down your internet speed.

    Solution 4: Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

    If you find that there are many technical errors on AOL Gold and that the program is constantly running slowly or crashing then your best bet is to reinstall the software and try again. Once you verify that your system has the minimum requirements to run AOL Desktop Gold you can follow the official installation process to download AOL Desktop Gold and reinstall the software and check if the issue is resolved or not.

    If you notice that AOL Desktop stopped working even after you attempted to implement the solutions given above it may indicate that there is a deeper technical error with the software or with your computer. You can call the AOL customer support number and speak to a certified expert to find out the best solution so as to speed up the browser and access your AOL account.

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