Coffee machines have not only grown in popularity

  • Coffee machines have not only grown in popularity, but have become much more sophisticated that the early models of old.Today, you can program a coffee machine for early morning breakfast; utilize gourmet coffee machines to make a tasty cup of espresso or cappuccino; or use a simpler coffee machine wherein you can have a cup of java at any time of the day.It is currently estimated that there are over 100 million cups of coffee drunk every day. 

    In fact, the U.S. and Scandinavia boast the highest amount of coffee usage.  Although percolators have almost been replaced by drip coffee machines, there are still individuals who utilize the former rather than the latter.There may be a variety of reasons why some households still choose percolators over coffee machines.  It may be that some drip coffee machines to not maintain heat as well; or perhaps automatic coffee machines turn off at a certain point; or there is a problem with the decanter; or it may be that having a percolated cup of coffee tastes somewhat better than that which comes from a coffee machine.Whatever the reason, today you can find coffee machines for a variety of households; from one cup to ten cups or more.  In today’s economy, however, prices of food, milk, and especially coffee have risen. When you add to this the fact that many years ago drinking several cups of coffee was not considered a healthy part of one’s diet regimen; today the tide has turned once again and coffee is considered a good thing.Coffee machines brought the emergence of flavored coffees from around the world. 

    Though quite high in cost, nonetheless, individuals flocked to these coffee houses to have a cup of this rich brew.  At the same time, percolators and drip coffee machines would continue to be used in households.However, many of the well-known coffee houses who charged an exorbitant amount of money for a cup of coffee have now turned towards decreasing the cost due to an economic recession.   Although individuals still choose to forgo making a cup of java at home and prefer, instead, to buy a cup of coffee on their way to work.  Others, on the other hand, choose not to buy a can or bag of coffee but rather buy a cup at their local convenience store or coffee house.It seemed inevitable, then, that because there are millions of people who drink coffee that technology needed to take a giant leap forward in order to accommodate coffee drinkers at large and offer a coffee machine that could be programmed to do everything except serve.For those who still own percolators and who refuse to spend a handsome sum of money to purchase coffee machines, take heart.  Percolators are still available, although you may need to research the internet to find them.