Do You Want to Know About the Crib Bumper pads?

  • Is there any dangerous effect on using the crib bumper pads?
    The bed needs to be strapped to the crib fence, because it has to be surrounded on all sides, so there are a lot of straps bound. If the tape is not tied up or too long, it may also strangle the baby. Soft or too thick beds can also cause asphyxiation. After all, most of the baby sleep is not very honest, too thick and too soft crib bumper pads, if the baby clings to sleep, there may be asphyxiation. There have been a number of baby asphyxiation in the US market, so be careful when using the crib.
    Although the crib bumper pads is dangerous, it does not mean that the crib bumper pads can not be used, such as the use of thin and hard mesh style, after the tape is tied, the extra parts after the knot can be cut short to avoid these problems. And the baby's bed is best placed near the parents' bed, so that you can often see it.
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