Microsoft and ROBLOX Corporation are launching an Xbox One S pa

  • Roblox Robux Little is said about Roblox but the game is a real hit and is regularly noted for being one of the most played games on Xbox. To highlight the game Microsoft and ROBLOX Corporation are launching an Xbox One S pack with the game.

    As a reminder Roblox is a game that allows you to create 3D worlds which are then shared with the community on Xbox Live the online network of Xbox. Millions of players play the different games created in Roblox.

    The Xbox One S + Roblox pack is available for € 299 on the Microsoft Store

    Contents of the pack

    1TB Xbox One S console

    Wireless controller for Xbox

    A free download of "Roblox"

    Three lots of exclusive Roblox avatars:

    Kijo the avenging samurai
    Metal threat mech
    Brawk Tyson: The featherweight champion

    Three exclusive accessories for Roblox avatars:

    Kidomaru the cursed blade
    Meca domino crown
    World champion's belt
    2,500 Robux to spend on additional cheap Roblox Robux avatar customization options or additional benefits in Roblox games

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate One Month Trial

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