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    Here's a quick funny story: So a few weeks ago I was fucking this chick. I was hitting it from the back. She caught me recording it. Of course she asked (in an upset voice) if I was recording. I told her no, and I tried to be smooth with my iPhone and switch off the video screen to the home s...
  • Who You Got?

    1.   2.     3.     4.     5.   You Can Only Choose One. Feel free to click the link above to poll your choice in, or just comment your choice below..
  • Is She Cumming, Or...?

    Is she coming, or is pussy juice just falling out the pussy?

    I was liking some photos to post later on my BootyBotty (tumblr) blog, and I found this gif:    I was like "DAMN! I don't mean fruit snacks... but, this bitch's a GUSHER!" I had to find the video. So, I went on web to get the hunting. And guess what? ... FOUND IT!
  • Heavy Beach Botty!

    Look how crazy, heavy this botty look!
  • OMG, That's Nasty!

    Damn, she could cream her ass off! 
  • Towel Rack Botty!

    The Botty is so big, it's a Towel Rack! 
  • Bunz4Ever!

      So I found this gif when I was making my daily scheduling for the BootyBotty ( I did some searching on google to find a page of her's or something...  She goes by Bunz4ever!
  • Kesha Could Cum

    So, I'm following this chick on Tumblr... And I must say: she's one of the best person to follow on Tumblr if you're into jerking off to pussy play. LOL
  • Really Creamy Pussy Or Creampie-ed Pussy?

    Check it: I don't know if it's her pussy that creamed like that, or if it's the dude creampie-ing her pussy... Either way: that's OD! What do you think?