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  • RENA wow gold Norway On a taxi ride to his farmhouse the day before he killed 77 people, Anders Behring Breivik talked easily of a future he must have known would never come.

    Police believe the 32 year old Norwegian had just deposited one of two vehicles either the car carrying the bomb that would devastate Norway's government district or the van he would use to help get him to a political youth camp in downtown Oslo. He then caught a train back to Rena where he flagged down the silver grey Mercedes station wagon driven by 40 year old Ariid Tangen.

    As the pair drove through the rolling countryside to the home where Breivik had written his 1,518 page "manifesto" and spent months planning his attack, the self proclaimed defender of Europe made small talk.

    "We spoke all the way and had a nice talk about nothing: the weather, the farm and that he wanted to be a farmer," Tangen told Reuters a few days later. "He said he hired the farm to live like a farmer and that, if he liked it, he would buy one for himself."

    At no stage on the 12 km (7 mile) journey, Tangen said, did Breivik give any hint of what was to come.

    "In my mind I've gone through it all in the most tiny detail," the taxi driver said. "He had no nerves, he joked, he laughed. I just can't get my mind round how he did it. He must have just. parked the bomb."

    For many Norwegians, still numbed by the worst violence in the country since World War Two, the fact the alleged killer looked and acted so normally is one of the most disturbing aspects of the attacks.

    "What keeps me awake at night is that he is not a monster," wrote Peter Svaar, a Norwegian journalist who was at school with Breivik as a young teenager. "He is a normal Norwegian boy."

    Most of those close to Breivik have gone to ground since the attacks of July 22. Phones are left unanswered and a policeman who answered the door of Breivik's mother's upmarket Oslo house simply smiled and said "There's no one home."

    And while some of those prepared to speak say there was always something odd about the quiet, serious young man, others insist they saw no warning signs at all.

    "He was a normal, well behaved Norwegian boy," his former stepmother Tove Oevermo told Reuters in a short telephone interview. "There were no signs."


    Breivik's upbringing was remarkably privileged, even by Norwegian standards. He went to the same Oslo primary school as Crown Prince Haakon, who was a few years older.

    At Handelsgymnasium, a high school in central Oslo where parents of new students are treated to an organist playing music by Edward Elgar, Breivik would have been surrounded not only by a keen sense of tradition but by his country's future business and political leaders.

    "I haven't really had any negative experiences in my childhood in any way," Breivik himself wrote of his upbringing.

    But some of those who knew him say that even as a child Breivik always pushed the limits.

    "He seemed a tough guy who could do things that were unthinkable for us. Like spitting in the cellar, urinating in the neighbor's storeroom and took great pleasure in killing ants," Lina Engelsrud, a childhood friend who knew him from roughly the age of 3 to 14 wrote in Aura Avis, a local newspaper.

    Crime researchers speculate that Breivik may have struggled to cope with the absence of a high achieving diplomat father who abandoned the family when his son was only one. Jens Breivik worked for the Foreign Ministry from 1966 96, ministry spokesman Frode Andersen said. Breivik senior served postings in London, Tehran and Paris before retiring in France.

    Jens and his new wife Tove another career diplomat briefly sued for custody of the young Anders, he writes, but lost the case. He occasionally visited them in France, he says, but grew up with his mother Wenche, a nurse, and her new husband, a Norwegian army officer.

    Breivik says his youth was dominated by strong "matriarchal" figures he worries "feminized" him, devoting a significant proportion of its manifesto to bemoaning the decline of conventional "fatherhood" in western Europe in general.

    "The absence of fatherhood has created a society full of social pathologies, and the lack of male self confidence has made us easy prey to our enemies," he said. He said his father had also isolated himself from his other four children "so it is pretty clear whose fault that was." Breivik talks of his occasional desire for a rapprochement, but says it never happened.

    Speaking to Norwegian television from France after the attack last month, Breivik's father said he sometimes wished his son had killed himself rather than attack others.

    "Maybe he felt he was not as good as his father, but this is just speculation," Ragnhild Bjoernebekk, a researcher at Norway's police school who specializes in crime and violence, told Reuters.


    Alternately, Bjoernebekk hypothesizes that Breivik might have been upset when a lover rejected him. Breivik wrote disapprovingly of some of his friends, saying they had 700 sexual partners.

    "I have lived quite ascetic, a lifestyle that wouldn't appeal to that many," he wrote. "However, if I wanted I could have more or less everything I set my mind on."

    Some of his friends and his sister repeatedly tried to persuade him to find a girlfriend, he said, but that would not have fitted with his plan. His priority, he wrote, was safeguarding his mission.

    "A couple of my friends have their suspicions," he wrote. "I have managed to channel these suspicions far away from relating my political convictions. Instead, they suspect that I am playing WOW (the computer game World of Warcraft). and a couple of them believe that I have chosen semi isolation because of some alleged homosexual relationship which they suspect I am trying to hide."
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