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  • It is possible, when tortured souls have been spawned, to run through runescape gold 2007 them and make them hurt themselves. To do this, remember that they will always teleport right before doing their special attack, at this time you should run through them, and the special attack will hit the tortured soul and not you. This takes some practice, but does save you a lot of time, because in the fourth wave it is possible to use the souls' special attacks to kill one of the four spawned souls in one hit.

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    In the next room you'll need to assassinate the guard on the East side and to do so you'll have to avoid the black shadow moving up and down the corridor running NorthWait until it starts moving North and then forward roll towards the doorway and stand in it, making sure to not accidently run into the path of the Wight. Now wait for the Wight to walk past you and assassinate it from behind.

    Goals. (optional, but recommended) This will tell future recruits what goals your clan has. A goal might be something like "100 members by January 2012." "100,000,000 total clan xp by September 1st." or "Create and run a tier 7 citadel." An organized list of goals will let people see your ambition and the potential of the clan.

    Credit: JagexSpirit graahk pouches are made from 154 Spirit shards, Graahk fur (not Tatty graahk fur) and a Blue charm. Graahk fur is obtained from pit trapping Horned Graahks, and is the most expensive component. If the Graahk fur is obtained by the player, these pouches are fairly profitable, as they are in demand for players Runecrafting Nature runes, as they provide unlimited free teleports to Karamja close to the altar.

    Players form groups to work together on tasks such as freeingbuilding orstorming a castle. Some groups are formed quickly as required, but othersare long lasting clans or guilds, where players have had to prove skillto join, and pledge to be available when needed. This is known as Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPGs.
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