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  • "We are providing consul assistance to a British national in Russia."The arrest follows that of at least four rs 2007 gold other westerners who have been expelled in the last 12 months while carrying out academic research branded a threat to Russian national security.They are said to have violated the terms of their visas, say Russian officials.On March 13 Sumner posted on her Facebook page that she had been
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    I was always under the impression that "game" was just youtube streamer bait, and that the only reason it ever really got popular. From the perspective of somebody who played hours of actual Arma 2, it was really just a garbage Arma 2 mod that still had all the physics jank of the milsim, and the horrific controls along with it. It didn really have anything of its own going for it except adding and being an uninspired free for all really.

    I genuinely surprised to see people clamoring for higher than 60 like it unplayable at that amount. I guess I just fallen behind on technology these days.But then I remembered The Forest has a huge amount of fallen logs and log piles you can collect around 4 wood scraps each for. Then you realize wood is a non issue.

    Fallout 4 looked and ran fine, and I never found anything objectionable about its framerate cap. I just happy to be near, or around the cap, because at least it means the game runs fine on my machine. Is it really going to make a massive difference when the game is running constantly at the cap at the highest possible framerate? I would just be happy the game is running smoothly.

    It not like the cap is 30, I could understand since 30FPS looks so much slower and choppier, but 60 has always been pretty good average.To summarize my hoarding habits, all I primarily pick up is aluminum, adhesive, gears, and screws. Anything else is usually pretty common, or so valuable that you obviously pick it up, so you can decide what else you want to stock up on from there.

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  • 2/5/19 at 1:00 AM -
    4/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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