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The distance is the biggest enemy

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    November 22, 2018 1:23 AM EST

    25 tanks although nickname iron cow, is no longer a national defense soldier main tank, small work properly quickly of it suit to probe a task very much, so each teacher will weave to go into 1-2 connect.22 regiments also have 1 to probe to connect, one among those rows have already gone with Zhao San Biao Ba Dan, leave after two rows get an order, eight 25 tanks put one fan-shaped the form Zach Ertz Authentic Jersey investigating a brigade after crossing sand dune, acceleration hurtle to several right-hand side in fronts place for emitting smoke. At this time, rushed through from the Moscow come of pull the text Si radicle colonel still don't know opponent already at eyelid underneath, he just and own KV1 tank competes:"Is the virtuous promise Wei strange, can hurry again?" The conductor drills a head and makes an effort to shake from the cockpit hustling:"Sorry colonel comrade, this was already the most rapid degree." "Damn of, Fu Luo the rare Luo man commander-in-chief has a liar's son-in-law!He cheated total secretary, should be shot to death!"Pull text Si the radicle was Su's military administration to Antonio Brown Authentic Jersey cure a low class military officer and depend to report and flatter before, Cuan in several years rose to Moscow military district colonel, also depend on the career that the early years was a tank lieutenant, became a batch in command of modern style military officer of tank.But he born choler, often insult and humiliate low class military officer, this time and more vent the fury to the KV1 tank head in the section city of designer. In fact, under the pressure that World Exposition of stunning and Afghanistan Su soldier tank differ, the etc. tank in section city designer has already realized a crisis and passes hard aggressive work to finally take out T34 and KV1 two kinds of advanced tanks.But they don't know, the motor factory delivers to test a motor all in fact is importing material, just discover after getting into production that the finished product that the local material is unqualified, produces basically could not reach a request.But the factory don't dare to speak true facts again, so cause to test data and production data severity become disjointed, even if all of in fronts is flat sand ground, the KV1 speed per hour at the moment also only 11 kilometers, even still Ben Roethlisberger Authentic Jersey could not reach cross-country 12 kilometerses test data. "The comrade of the colonel, probes the T-26s connecting be all destroyed, don't send a person again?" The KV1 speed slowly holds back not to say, is again polished off rapid tank of five T-26s by the dive bomber, pull the text Si radicle quick temper just big.Hear make collective report immediately yell:"Don't waste energy, the enemy's airplane temporarily can't come back, make use of time to speed up!" Pull after text Si's radicle kick out soldier of herald, a head of drills go into slowly long KV1 car compartment, but inside the car of extremely hot make him very uncomfortable, just wanted re- drill JuJu Smith-Schuster Authentic Jersey go out well ventilated, hear the outside yell:"The enemy inherits!" KV1 have no periscope, also have no radio station, so pulling the text Si radicle can explore a body to look into.This just discovers the sand ground of the east, the inside is already that the Yang sand is billowing, and 25 light tanks of eight Chinese national defense soldiers appears in the visual field.