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    March 7, 2018 10:04 PM EST

    ADEN puma suede heart satin italia , Yemen, May 3 (Xinhua) -- The Saudi-led coalition forces dispatched its first special unit of ground troops to Yemen's southern port city of Aden on Sunday morning, a Yemeni government official told Xinhua.


    "The first Saudi-led coalition troops arrived in Aden and have engaged in the fighting alongside with tribal militia allied with Yemen's President Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in Aden's neighborhood of KhorMaksar," the senior government official based in Aden said on condition of anonymity.


    "They are fighting with pro-Hadi militia against the Shiite Houthi gunmen near Aden's international airport at the moment," the government source said.


    The number of that Saudi-led ground forces are about 40 to 50, a spokesman of the tribal militia told Xinhua. The soldiers were wearing Yemeni clothes, not army uniforms puma suede heart reset gialle , witnesses said.


    The Houthi group launched attacks against Hadi in late March and forced the embattled president to flee to Saudi Arabia on March 26.


    The coalition forces started air raids on March 26, aiming to restore Hadi's legitimacy and force Houthis to retreat from cities they seized from September last year.


    However, the airstrikes and battles in southern regions have left more than 1,000 people killed, 3,000 others wounded, and hundreds of thousands of people displaced.


    On Sunday puma suede heart reset rosa , fresh clashes between tribal fighters and the Houthi group left 12 Houthis dead in al-Zahir district of al-Bayda province.


    Meanwhile, overnight Saudi-led airstrikes pounded Houthi gatherings in the central province of Marib, killing dozens, according to provincial security officials.


    They said the Houthi group keep sending reinforcements to Marib and the southern province of Taiz, as well as Aden city.


    In the capital of Sanaa, overnight Saudi-led airstrikes hit al-Dailamy military airforce and former republican guards base, as well as Attan missile base.


    The airstrikes destroyed the runway of Sanaa international airport last week puma suede heart reset blu , which halted the shipment of foreign aids to Yemen that has seen severe shortage of basic needs, including food, water, medicine and fuel, for about a month.




    UNITED NATIONS, April 30 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday voiced his grave concern at the ongoing ground fighting and aerial bombardment in Yemen, which have left more than 1 puma suede heart reset italia ,200 people dead over the past six weeks.


    "The secretary-general is gravely concerned about the continued ground fighting and aerial bombardment in Yemen and its impact on innocent civilians," said a statement issued here by Ban's spokesman. "More than 1,200 people have been killed and 300,000 have fled their homes in the past six weeks."

    tries along the Road will be intensified and differences managed. Maritime law enforcement will be boosted under bilateral and multilateral frameworks. Cooperative mechanisms for joint maritime law enforcement, fishery law enforcement, and anti-terrorism and anti-violence on the sea will be developed and improved. Liaison networks for maritime law enforcement will be established and emergency plans developed through collective efforts. Exchanges and cooperation among the maritime law enforcement agencies of countries along the Road will be promoted, and necessary assistance provided for training.


    4.4 Innovative growth


    Innovation is one of the main drivers for the sustainable development of ocean-based economies. Efforts will be undertaken to improve cooperation in the fields of marine scientific research puma bow rihanna rosa , education and training, and cultural communications, in order to enhance understanding of the ocean, facilitate the application of scientific and technological innovations, and to garner public support for intensifying ocean cooperation.


    Furthering cooperation in marine scientific research and technological development. Together with countries along the Road, China will launch a Marine Science and Technology Cooperation Partnership Initiative, jointly survey and research the key waters and passages along the Road puma suede heart italia saldi , forecast anomalies and assess impacts by researching the interactions between monsoons and the ocean, and by conducting geoscience surveys of the continental margin of the Indian Ocean. Further efforts will be undertaken to intensify cooperation in the fields of marine survey, observation technologies, renewable energy, seawater desalination, marine bio-pharmacy, seafood technology puma suede heart italia , drones and unmanned vessels. Cooperation in mutual recognition of marine technological standards and technology transfer will also be boosted. Scientific research institutions are encouraged to develop partnerships with enterprises in establishing oversea bases for the demonstration and promotion of marine technology.


    Building platforms for marine technology cooperation. Together with countries along the Road, China will build platforms for the sharing of marine research infrastructure, data and technic resources, and marine technological cooperation parks. Efforts will be undertaken to facilitate the development of the APEC Marine Sustainable Development Center, the East Asia Marine Cooperation Platform, the China-ASEAN Marine Cooperation Center, the China-ASEAN College of Marine Sciences puma suede heart saldi , the China-PEMSEA Sustainable Coastal Management Cooperation Center, the China-Malaysia Joint Marine Research Center, the China-Indonesia Center for Ocean and Climate, the China-Thailand Joint Laboratory for Climate and Marine Ecosystem, the China-Pakistan Joint Marine Scientific Research Center, and the China-Israel Seawater Desalination Joint Research Center, so as to improve our capacity to achieve innovation in marine technology.


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