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    Nike Air Max 270 React Black Gold To Release Soon

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    Since its launch this year, the Nike Air Max 270 React has been offering new color schemes and has recently welcomed a new member. The Nike Air Max 270 React Black Gold is presented in classic black and white tones, with liquid gold and red accents to add discernment. The unique feature is the black nylon on the vamp. Forefoot React Technology with the back palm Air Max's cushioning configuration gives this pair of shoes a good foot feel, is a good choice for everyday wear.

    2019 Sneakers Release officially released a new series called adidas Gardening Club. Inspired by gardening workers, this new collection brings three new pairs of shoes, two Response Hoverturf and one Consortium Novaturbo. One of the Response Hoverturf shoes has a conventional lace design, a rich upper with multiple colors, and an outdoor style. The thick midsole provides an excellent wearing experience for any foot surface, especially for any road environment. It is a daily gardening job. Another Response Hoverturf shoe is more stylish, with a unique zippered design for the night work environment, while at the same time being stylish.

    Pharrell, which has always had a good reputation in the sneaker circle, always brings a fresh shoe design to the sneaker ring. Recently, a new color matching Pharrell x adidas NMD HU "Feel Alive" spy photos for the first time. Pharrell x adidas NMD HU Feel Alive is based on a wine red color with a "Feel Alive" embroidered logo on the vamp. The font style is similar to handwriting, and the strokes are round and more textured. Coral orange adjustable shoe body support, raw rubber outsole, the overall color is very harmonious.

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    Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue Officially Release this Month

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    Another pair of Yeezy Boost 700 new color schemes set the release date! Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue officially joined the release list this month and will be officially released on October 19th, half a month away from today. Different from the original spy photos, this pair of Teal Blue is a standard grandfather style, unique in color and durable in appearance, easy to wear, and also a special practical tool.

    2019 Sneakers Release also have their own way when the community celebrates the 70th anniversary of the motherland! The famous sneaker custom team HZP is inspired by the 65-style military uniform, based on the Nike SB Dunk Low to create the Dunk SB "China 70" custom shoes. Using flip-flops and military canvas materials, a map of China was presented on the upper by laser, followed by embroidery with “China” and “70”. The combination of green and red, plus the red five-star logo on the tongue, is quite familiar.

    2019 Yeezy Boost was hard to find a shoe, it is now everywhere. Especially since this year, almost all of the color schemes have turned everyone into "sports and face blindness." Statistics show that the Yeezy series has sold 28 new products so far this year! There are 16 pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, 1 pair of Yeezy 500, 4 pairs of Yeezy Boost 700, 4 pairs of Yeezy Boost 700 V2 and 3 pairs of Yeezy Desert Boot. In terms of market prices, the Yeezy series has recently followed the trend of the entire shoe market and has experienced varying degrees of decline. Now Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has started the season, and now may not be the best time to start; on the contrary, other shoes are more suitable for autumn and winter, you can consider starting to wear.

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    Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Metallic 555088-060

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    By convention, heavy sneakers can always be exposed to the network in advance months or even a year. However, today's new Air Jordan 1 exposure is real, rumors will be released in January next year, it is likely to be the first color in the beginning of the year. Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Metallic is made of black material, laces and uppers. Logo is decorated with red accents, plus a white midsole. The overall style is quite classic. Previously, there was an effect picture that the difference between this object and the object is not small, and the shape is more harmonious.

    New Jordan 2019, the European text people personally exposed Earlier, together with the famous American shoe store Sneaker Room to create a rare joint name Kyrie 5 recently released the official map, will be released soon! Sneaker Room x Nike Kyrie 5 MOM uses white, black and red as the main theme of the mother's “Mom” theme, which was built around Kyrie 3. The polka dot lining is also preserved. The familiar rose embroidery appears in the right heel position this time, and the left foot is filled with cartoon peach heart elements, which is quite eye-catching. The insole is printed with the Sneaker Room logo and I Love You Mom, and the tongue is infused with MOM's exclusive logo to further create a gratefulness to the mother! In addition, the red and gold embroidered hearts of different sizes are used to fill the upper, and the visual level is quite rich, and the theme of the direct attack is coordinated!

    The launch of the Blue Void color scheme comes in a "cyberpunk" style, allowing us to experience the Air Jordan 34's lightest flying bootie for the first time. This color is sold out on the Nike official website, and the air bottom + flap upper brings the performance and the value of the double punch, it is really attractive! Then, with the theme of the most OG Nike elements, the Air Jordan 34 Bred is not only the most classic black and red dress, but also the Nike Air Logo, which is familiar with the iconic elements. Presented in white and black on the inside, the details are decorated in bright red, fresh and generous, and the Air Jordan 34's new design is clearly and clearly drawn, and the recognition is extremely high. Unlike the upper color of the first color, the Bred color is not a translucent flap upper, but a woven upper with a new weave. The upper is made of fine holes with a weaving technique. It also has a translucent effect and is more breathable.

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    2019 Air Jordan 5 TOP3 is Coming Now

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    2019 Sneakers Release will be a number of heavy color schemes available for sale,Launched in 1990, the Air Jordan 5 celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, and as usual. At present, two color combinations have been exposed, namely Air Jordan 5 “TOP3” and Air Jordan 5 “Black Purple Grape”. It is worth mentioning that Air Jordan 5 will become the second generation of Jordan's positive members in the TOP3 series. Some time ago, I exposed a picture of the heel. Many fans have guessed whether it will be the Air Jordan 4 “What The” color scheme to be released soon. In the past two days, the front view of this new color scheme was exposed online and will be released as a TOP3 series. Inheriting the consistent color matching style of the TOP3 series, the three classic color combinations are combined, and the matching method of the left and right ankles is adopted.

    This time, the classic black, black and purple grapes and white purple grapes are combined to create a unique Air Jordan 5 “TOP3”. In addition to this Air Jordan 5 TOP3, there is a new color scheme that releases the picture. Grape grape family color is the classic theme of the Air Jordan 5 five-generation shoes, white purple grapes, black and purple grape color matching, are the masterpieces of the players' minds. The new color scheme to be released next year will continue this "grape" theme. Although there is no re-enactment of the black purple grape color matching, this new color of the grape series is believed to be loved by many fans. Designed with the reverse color scheme of black purple grapes, the black and purple positions of the shoes are exchanged, and the purple color is the main color, which is more eye-catching.

    2019 Yeezy Boost brings us 11 new Yeezy products This September is a month of the Yeezy series. One of the V2 series Yeezy 700 hospital blue color has recently ushered in the latest foot map, while the national website adidas.com official website also released the sale information. The whole pair of shoes presents a soft smoky blue with gray details. It is a very popular cool color scheme in recent years, showing a full of melancholy temperament. The upper is still made up of mesh material and suede, which brings a rich sense of layering. At the same time, the retro charm is full, I believe it will capture the hearts of many girls. The midsole is equipped with Boost cushioning technology to ensure the excellent foot feel of this shoe. You can't miss the light color matching!

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    Shop Best Deal Air Jordan 1 High OG 555088-126

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    Next year, Air Jordan 1 is about to celebrate its 35th anniversary, and there will be a lot of heavy color matching. Recently, a new Air Jordan 1 High OG color has been exposed again. The overall body of the shoe is mainly light gray and white. With the black Swoosh and the flying wing logo, there is quite a sense of Shadow color matching. The outsole features a striking red design that creates a unique visual impact with the cool style of the overall body.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes is gradually warming up After entering September. The heavyweight joint name and the fine color matching sneakers are exposed one after another, and they will all be put on sale at the end of the year. A new pair of Halloween-themed Nike Air Foamposite One has been exposed for the first time. Every year, Halloween-themed sneakers have a low popularity, and sneaker designs tend to blend in with the rare design elements that cater to the thrilling theme of Halloween. This pair of Halloween foamed vamps are covered with black and white graffiti. The leather collar is quite rare. The mini Swoosh and the Hadawei logo on the heel are decorated with orange. Finally, the milky white crystal outsole is used. .

    New Jordan 2019 celebrated the February 4th New England Patriots to win the LIII Super Bowl, creating a special Air Force 1 commemorative. Not only that, but the shoes that deliberately appeared at the end of the season also commemorated the 25-year brilliant team management career of team manager Robert Kraft. The shoes are made with Flyknit knit material and Flywire technology to create the upper. The combination of blue, red and white is the main color. The most special is the shiny face of the shoe. The Swoosh Logo is the same style as the iconic changer in Travis Scott x Air Force 1. The tongue has a jelly LIII label, the tongue has the England Patriots team logo, and there are 6 stars under the team logo, representing 6 championships. (The team won the Super Bowl 6 times in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2015, 2017 and 2019.) The whole pair of shoes contains a strong historical significance and commemorative significance. It is a shoe with a sincere heart.

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    2019 Nike Air Force 1 Khaki is Available Now

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    Jordans 2019 Shoes has also been working to give Air Force 1 more creativity. The historic Nike Air Force 1 continues to influence countless trend lovers today. Today, a new pair of Air Force 1 official maps released, let's take a look! The overall body of the shoe is dressed in a deep khaki color, showing a strong tooling atmosphere. Nike Air Force 1 Khaki upper made of nubuck leather, complemented by velvet lining, is windproof and warm, which is very suitable for winter. The laces and lace holes also changed the design language to the iconic design of hiking shoes, which is full of playfulness.

    The pearl milk tea color that was released in the middle of last month, Air Jordan 1, has an unexpected popularity and heat. According to the news, the pearl milk tea color matching Air Jordan 4 Mushroom will be released this month. The same black and brown color matching, on the Air Jordan 4 this classic shoe type, also showed a good value. It is the color between beige and light brown, combined with the color of the black body, so that this color is named pearl milk tea. Compared with the traditional color scheme, although these shoes are not OG, the overall texture is very advanced. In particular, the silver Jumpman Logo on the tongue and heel gives a relatively low-key color scheme with a good value. As the country continues to cool down, the atmosphere in early autumn is gradually rich. The brown shoes are more suitable for the stable autumn and winter. These shoes should be a good choice.

    2019 Yeezy Boost have been to the Supreme store know that in the new intersessional period of Supreme every year, the store often puts some Fucking Awesome series of shelves. The Fucking Awesome is the newest brand created by Supreme's former model Jason Dill. As a younger brother of Supreme, Fucking Awesome is now a favorite of many trend players. Continued Stan Smith's traditional style, complemented by arrogant color matching, is highly recognizable. The body of the high-quality leather, naturally do not have to worry about the wearing experience. The biggest highlight is the Fucking Awesome logo on the body of the shoe to show the joint status.

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    Nike Air Max 720 ISPA Will Release this Weekend

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    2019 Sneakers Release launched ISPA's new functional series last year, which symbolizes Improvise improvisation, Scavenge integration, Protect protection and Adapt adaptation. It has won the favor of many players. Recently, the ISPA series has launched new shoes, and the functional version of the Air Max 720 will be released this week. The Nike Air Max 720 ISPA is unique in its styling, making the Air Max 720 ISPA an exotic guest. Based on the Air Max 720 shoe model, a dot cutout and a dot-point design derived from Element 87 have been added. Not only the visual level is extraordinarily rich, but also the post-modern design language, which makes the appearance of this pair of shoes exceptionally "sci-fi".

    Inspired by cars and bicycles, Nike Signal D/MS/X was born, breaking through the traditional concept, once again refreshing people's perception of Nike Shoes, this time there is a new color exposure. The upper is made of Nexkin technology, with a white color, complemented by light gray and black accents, and a unique deconstruction design that gives the upper a layered look. The heel is designed for everyday wear, with the D/MS/X logo, which sets a distinctive identity. The thick midsole, which stands out in a bold and bold shape, provides excellent support while also has a good cushioning comfort.

    2019 Yeezy Boost,Since its launch adidas Ultra Boost has been a favorite running shoe for shoe fans. Recently, the new color adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 “Japan” has just been released, and the famous shop atmos_tokyo brings us the latest top-notch pictures. Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Japan is limited to Japan, from the appearance temperament, you can feel the rich traditional people style. On the white woven upper, the pattern of the tie-dyed rainbow presents a beautiful pattern. The tongue is embellished with the Japanese flag, and the overall color is very eye-catching.

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    How Pretty 2019 Nike Air Jordan 1 High Zoom

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    The Air Jordan 1 born in 1984 has undoubtedly an unrivaled historical status! The bold color scheme ended the black and white dilemma of basketball shoes, and then continued to introduce new innovative designs every year, leading the development of shoes! Nowadays, AJ1's retro style and dazzling color matching have become the first choice for the sneakers' daily wear, but the stiff feelings of the past few decades have always been spit! Recently, a new 3M reflective Air Jordan 1 has emerged from the network. The reflective effect is different from the previous silver and white dress. The Nike Air Jordan 1 High Zoom presents a dazzling color similar to the blue color, while the different angles show different black and purple gradients. Color is definitely a big surprise in the near future! In addition, the details have changed dramatically! Most importantly, the insole can be seen to see the Zoom Air cushion embedded in the midsole, similar to the previous Nike Air FOG 1. Closer to the soles of the feet, so that the cushioning foot feels a qualitative leap, I am afraid there is not much problem in dealing with actual combat!

    In the sneakers, the color scheme is very similar to Gucci's traditional green, red and black. Jordans 2019 Shoes be loved by the Gucci color name. The new Air Jordan 1 that has just been exposed is not spared! Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Gucci In addition to the intuitive and sturdy, more from the side Gucci This Italian luxury brand is deeply rooted! It is similar to the Air Jordan 1 Hi that was previously sold in 2012. However, this shoe's flying wing logo is black, not the red color of the year.

    Nike React has been extremely popular since its launch, and the new products built around it have also demonstrated outstanding performance qualities. Recently, Nike has once again launched a new running shoe Nike React Sertu with this cushioning technology. The body is made of multi-textured leather stitching, the biggest highlight is the Multi woven setting of the body weave. The outstanding texture and the eye-catching color make it ideal for everyday wear. Details of the forefoot outside the Mini Swoosh with anti-hook settings, the tongue is made of lightweight sci-fi flap material, full of texture.

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    Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid Black Grey To Release Next Month

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    Sacai x Nike New season new products after several times of ticketing, the official confirmation of the release date, will be released next month. One of the Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid Black Grey has recently released the latest cool. The black ash LDWaffle has the same color as the black color, and the Swoosh, toe and lace hole reinforcements are all decorated with gray, which brings a rich layering and cool. The ultra-multi-layer vulcanized rubber sole is a traditional white design with a black ash upper for avant-garde and sharp. The Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid is crafted from a sturdy, full-leather material with a double-layered sponge tongue that may not fit on the feet during the summer. But in the autumn and winter season, I believe it will replace LDWaffle and become the main shoe of the Sacai co-branded series. This color scheme that will debut in the fall is even more worth looking forward to.

    Autumn is coming, camouflage design has always been the evergreen section of the autumn and winter seasons, and many popular new products each year have the theme of camouflage color matching. Previously we reported the camouflage Air Jordan Shoes has a new physical illustration! The Air Jordan 10 Camo upper is dressed in a large camouflage pattern, and the other part is made of black leather, which is exceptionally tough. The tongue position is marked with "AIR JORDAN 23", and the heel and sole are embellished with black and red Jumpman Logo, which shows the identity of Air Jordan. The biggest highlight is that the material of the vamp pattern is different, and it is similar to the military fabric, which greatly demonstrates the military style and strengthens the durability of the upper. The whole pair of shoes is outstanding in temperament, and the military atmosphere is strong. The tough shape is very suitable for autumn and winter wear.

    Air Max 97 is called Nike's evergreen shoes. It has been loved by many sneaker players for many years, and the rise of the retro trend in the past two years has made this shoe attract attention. Recently, a new pair of color Nike Air Max 97 is coming soon. The body of the shoe is made of black leather, and the upper is complemented by silver accents. The effect of the contrast is very striking. The Nike Air Max 97 RFT GS is paired with the full Palm Air Max air cushion, while the outsole uses a more luxurious crystal base material, vintage and stylish. It is worth mentioning that this new color scheme uses a new form of lace buckle design, which avoids the problem that the Air Max 97 round laces are easy to loosen when walking.