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    Nike Air Max 95 Summit White Release 2019 Spring

    Posted by cady blair February 21 - 0 votes - 60 views

    Nike Air Max 95 is designed by many fashion trends with its retro style and unique body line design. Recently, another new color matching Nike Air Max 95 exposure. The Nike Air Max 95 Summit White features a white upper with a black midsole for a simple, sophisticated look. It is worth mentioning that the mid-air Air Max air cushion and outsole are also presented in black, making
    the overall color scheme more coordinated. The materials used are also quite elegant. The patent leather is used to make the toe and the body line. The choice of the breathable mesh makes the feet more refreshing. The classic 3M reflective material is placed on the tongue and heel. The Mini Swoosh Logo on the back of the vamp also features a cutout design for a playful look.

    In 2018, all the limelight in the Jordans 2019 Shoes series was taken away by the Air Jordan 1. Even the Air Jordan 6, which used to have a classic color scheme such as "Sakuragi Flower Road", "Carmine" and "Oreo", had to bow to the "big brother" in 2018. However, the New Year naturally has a new look. Jordan Brand will give a big gift to the sneaker lovers shortly after 2019, once again replicating Jordan's first pair of champion boots - black and red Air Jordan 6 "Infrared". In fact, as early as last year, Jordan Brand has repeatedly re-enacted the classic OG color matching, from the black cement Air Jordan 3 at the beginning of the year to the Panda Air Jordan 13, and last year's finale Air Jordan 11 "Concord". It can be said that the first year of OG color matching, the purchase of a few pairs is not too much, will be released tomorrow, the black and red Air Jordan 6 is even more so.

    Retro running shoes Since its return, Nike Air Max Plus has been highly sought after by fashionistas, and it has become one of the representatives of the retro trend. Recently, a pair of new color Air Max Plus exposure. The color scheme is full of sharp and cool style. The overall color is black and gray, with red accent details, and the rear Air Max air cushion pillar with gold makeup. The edges of the vamp are wrapped in black leather and presented with a textured pattern.

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    Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Gold Toe is really pretty

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    With the fire of 2019 Mens Jordans, Air Jordan 1 Mid has also risen and ushered in its "life peak"! However, it is true that last year and this year's many Air Jordan 1 Mid new products have a good value performance, the foot is naturally a good choice for bright eyes. We have previously reported this patent leather black gold toe Air Jordan 1 Mid, which is now available at home and abroad. The black and white minimalist tones create the body, and the golden Swoosh and flying wing logos are gorgeous. With the classic vibrant temperament of the black toe and the noble temperament with patent leather luster and golden details, this combination is probably the pinnacle of the Air Jordan 1 Mid!

    After a long exposure, the joint series of Game of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost finally ushered in the release of official images. Inspired by the characters in the play, a total of 6 new products with different colors are presented, and the label on the heel shows the role name of the shoes. 6 pairs of shoes represent the night watchman, the alien ghost, the Tangerian family, the Tangerian dragon, the Stark family and the Lannister family. The color matching dress is also highly related to the characters in the play.

    Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low The "switching" mode has also set off a wave of sneakers. In addition to Nike's hook AF1, many custom players have also brought their own exquisite work. Canadian shoe stylist kicksolio is particularly addicted to the Travis Scott x AF1, not only with the new Travis Scott album-themed Swoosh, the recently created wave hooks, and LV hooks are unique and refreshing. More tribute Air Max 1/97 and PARRA co-branded the same pattern, inheriting the high recognition of the original, and the combination with the AF1 is also exceptionally harmonious. There are also OFF-WHITE styles and colorful styles to try, so that these shoes have ever-changing gameplay, so that the audience is also hooked!

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    Hướng dẫn cách chơi slot game cơ bản nhất tại nhà cái QQ8889

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    Có lẽ trò chơi slot game là một trò chơi quá quen thuộc đối với chúng ta hiện nay chính vì vậy để có thể chơi được một trò chơi slot game không hề khó khăn chỉ cần vài thao tác đơn giản là có ngay một trò chơi slot game trực tuyến để chơi giải trí hoặc chơi ăn tiền. Web slot game điện tử xèng trò chơi game online hay QQ8889 Hiện nay có không ít nhà cái trực tuyến vì vậy để kiếm được một nhà cái có uy tín là không hề đơn giản nếu như bạn là người mới tham gia chơi rực tuyến lần đầu tiên.

    Kiếm tiền với trò chơ slot game trực tuyến ăn tiền thật tại QQ8889

    Nhà cái có uy tín nhất và dễ tìm nhất đó chính là nhà cái QQ8889 để có thể chơi được tại nhà cái bạn chỉ cần tìm thấy nhà cái và đăng ký cho mình một tài khoản để có thể tham gai chơi ăn tiền tại nhà cái bất cứ lúc nào bạn muốn. Tại nhà cái QQ8889 bạn không những được chơi ăn tiền mà còn được chơi miễn phí để chơi giải trí với những trò chơi miễn phí này bạn có thể rèn luyện được những kinh nghiệm chơi hơn để chơi ăn tiền.

    Ngoài những thuận tiện mà nhà cái đem lại còn có nhiều những khuyến mãi hấp dẫn khác như khuyến mãi  cho cửa cược đặc biệt, khuyến mãi cho những trò chơi đặc biệt rút thăm trúng thưởng hàng tuần...còn có nhiều những khuyến mãi khác tại nhà cái. Hãy tìm hiểu thêm tại link trong bài viết để được hướng dẫn chi tiết hơn và chơi slot game tại nhà cái.

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    Air Jordan 4 Black Red is available now

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    In 2019, as the 30th anniversary of the release of the Air Jordan 4, there will be a replica of the classic color scheme. Air Jordan 4 Black Red As one of the most matching colors for Joe's father, it can be considered the most anticipated shoes for fans. This re-enactment not only retains the original classic color scheme, but also restores the early Nike Air Logo on the heel, which greatly satisfies the feelings of many old shoe fans.

    2019 Mens Jordans latest boots Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 With its huge style change and exaggerated design, it attracts the attention of many practical fans. Recently, a new color matching Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 was put on the court by Wei Shao. Jordan Why Not Zer 0.2 is based on white, with rainbow colors to embellish details. The biggest highlight is undoubtedly the colorful reinforcing straps on both sides of the vamp, which highlights the coolness and guarantees the overall color.

    With the approach of the NBA All-Star Game, Jordans 2019 Shoes are also experiencing new product warm-up! In front of this pair of Nike Air Max 720 Saturn AS inspired by Charlotte's Motor Speedway, this black and yellow eye-catching body is complemented by rich racing elements, equipped with the recently launched Air Max 720 Super atmospheric cushions, whether it is the eye-catching gas field creation, or the soft and elastic comfort of the feet, are very exciting! The details are also injected into the zipper and functional buckles, demonstrating the avant-garde technology experience!

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    CD0461-401 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC Patent

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    The annual NBA All-Star Game is coming, and will be held at the Charlotte Hornets home game. It coincides with Joe’s home team and his second hometown. Jordan Brand will naturally not miss this sensational All-Star Weekend, specially created an Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC Patent color. These shoes feature the classic "black toe" color scheme in the Air Jordan 1 series, with the forefoot upper and rear uppers paired with the "UNC" iconic North Carolina blue color scheme, and the soles are understated. Under the background of the "North Carolina Toe", the eye-catching patent leather material makes this pair of shoes outstanding. Last year, I sold too many lychee and suede shoes. Even if I like it again, I am afraid that I will be tired. Although this time the WMNS female specifications are available for sale, boys should not be discouraged. It is very likely that they will be able to wear large sizes that boys can wear like silk smashing. In general, the maximum size is 44.5 yards.

    One of Nike's most iconic sneakers, Air Force 1, continues to introduce new color schemes with good quality, and often changes the details as the theme changes, Jordans 2019 Shoes making the shoes more attractive. Previously exposed a new color of the theme of the car, the recent official release and there is news that next week will be on sale! This new color scheme is based on black and white, with a red Swoosh Logo with blue strokes, refreshing and vibrant. The midsole is decorated with blue and yellow lines, which resembles racing stripes and is full of speed. The Swoosh Logo and various explanatory fonts on the heel and mids are printed in a racing style, paying tribute to the classic elements of the Air Force 1 and highlighting the theme of this color scheme. It is worth mentioning that the “ASW-2019” font seems to indicate that this color scheme was created for the All-Star Weekend. In addition to color matching and printing, the shoelace tag, toe punch, tongue and heel logo design are different from the conventional Air Force 1, which shows its special specifications. Swoosh Logo The edges and the racing stripes that run through the tongue and heel are also reflective, making them even more cool in the dark.

    The success of the joint venture between CLOT and Air Jordan 13 last year made Nike realize the great potential of this shoe type. This time 2019 Sneakers Release plans to launch a color scheme called “Atmosphere Grey”. The overall color scheme is mainly gray, so Xiaobian can't help but think of Air Jordan 1 “slag ash”. The dark gray leather is matched with the light gray cowboy leather. The midsole is also decorated with light gray. Although it belongs to the same color, the different shades create a distinct layering. This pair of newly released Air Jordan 13 believes that with its distinct layering and comfortable foot feel, there will be a good market.

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    Will you Cop the Restock adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Tirple White ?

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    adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Tirple White, which debuted in April 2017, has been designed with the versatile design of small white shoes. I believe everyone remembers Kanye's promise that everyone has Yeezy to wear. In September last year, in order to fulfill this promise, Yeezy had a replenishment of millions of cargo levels. Recently, the adidas official website has released the news, on January 19th, the pure white Yeezy 350 V2 will be replenished again. The appearance of the small white shoes and the comfortable foot feel make it the best choice for the summer. It will not be long before the weather will gradually warm up. Now it is the best time to start. The current trend is more focused on diversity and personalization, everyone wants to wear something different, pure white shoes make it the first choice for individual players DIY.

    In the third week of 2019, the goods in the Jordans 2019 Shoes finally began to emerge. I believe that many friends have been screened by "Panda Pigeons" this week, but there are actually a pair of topical shoes originally scheduled for sale this week, OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 90. At the end of last year, Virgil's own Instagram put the topic of OFF-WHITE x Nike to the top again, and the black-and-white color OFF-WHITE joint name, of course, the price rises. Earlier today, the sneaker account brkicks said that it was scheduled to be released on January 17th, which is the OFF-WHITE x Air Max 90, which will be released on February 7th.

    2019 Sneakers Release Since its return, Nike Air Max Plus has been highly sought after by fashionistas, and it has become one of the representatives of the retro trend. Recently, the network has exposed a new pair of Air Max Plus. The whole body is displayed in gray, white and red. The upper is filled with lines with strong visual impact. The line of the boundary can be seen faintly. It can be said that the processing of the upper is full of effort. The blessing of the small red Swoosh Logo adds a touch of liveliness to the overall elegant color scheme. The edge of the upper is wrapped in white patent leather. It is worth mentioning that the protective layer of the toe is made of transparent rubber to ensure the integrity of the shoes. The print on the insole echoes the air cushion shape of the midsole.

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    AQ1090-101 Nike React Element 87 Light Orewood Brown

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    Last year, the Nike React Element 87 was born, which undoubtedly injected a new fashion vitality into the sneaker circle! As the weather gets colder, after a period of silence, it has recently ushered in a new color match! The avant-garde bold flaps are lightly khaki-coloured, and the deconstructed design is complemented by suede and orange-yellow details. It features a full-handed React outsole, soft and comfortable feet, and a refreshing and vibrant color scheme that is perfect for the upcoming Dressed in spring and summer! The light-colored React Element 87 has always been popular with its versatile value, and the market is also higher than the original price. The new Nike React Element 87 Light Orewood Brown will be officially released on January 11 for $160. Dollar. Although it is winter, but if you can start with a good price, it can be regarded as a pair of boutiques in spring and summer.

    In recent years, running shoes have become a newcomer to the street, with a variety of color matching, wearing comfort and convenience has become a new benchmark in the hearts of shoe lovers. When the early spring is approaching, a new color matching adidas NMD R1 will be available soon. As with other color schemes in the past, the overall design of the shoes is extremely simple. The upper is a signature black knit fabric with multiple bright yellow patches on the back of the NMD module and the rear support. The classic three-bar is matt black and the overall color is classic.

    Whether it's the "Spider-Man" released at the end of last year or the "Little Leonard" that was released this month, it has a good popularity in the near future, and this is enough to prove that the hot air of Air Jordan 1 continues. Recently, a pair of new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid will be on sale soon, and the sneakerpolitics of the sneakers website will also have a set of physical photos, let's take a look. Since last year, the Air Jordan 1 series has begun to add the color of the OG shoe type to the eight-hole shoe type. The "small buckle" and "small black red" were born. This pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid color is inspired by Air Jordan. 1 "Little Lightning." The eight-hole body of black, white and blue dresses perfectly restores the "small lightning" color. The difference is that the shoelaces are replaced with warm orange, which is particularly eye-catching.

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    Will you see enjoy a Safari?

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    Feel the rhythm of South Africa as you explore diverse wildlife, safaris, beaches, marine life and majestic mountains in the land of sunshine. Take the opportunity and tap into the knowledge of an expert local tour guide and get to see the world where nature, adventure, cultures and landscapes merge and locals call home. Start with the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and the Kruger up North then head down to the scenic Garden Route and finish with Cape Town at your own pace taking with you a combined world class African experience.

    Cape Town

    Breath-taking, magnificent, spectacular…Should I say more? Yes that’s right we are talking about Cape Town also known as the Mother City.

    Rated as one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, Cape Town has no shortage on offer. Take a drive down the Cape Peninsula right through to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point where one has the opportunity to get some photography done given the scenic views. En route to Cape Town pass by Boulders Beach and witness penguins in their natural habitat. Most notably one’s trip of Cape Town would not be complete without a visit to Robben Island and Table Mountain (be sure to book your tickets in advance). View Ostriches in their natural habitat at the Cape of Good Hope. Join: Cape Town Tours

    Cape of Good Hope Tours

    Garden Route

    Head out to the Garden Route where one has the opportunity to visit the Wildnerness and take a walk along its endless white sand beaches. Next pass Oudtshoorn well-known as the ostrich capital of the world and not to mention the Cango Caves. Nature reserve’s en route such as the Tsitsikamma National Park or Garden Route National Park offer rolling hills, river systems, dense forests and steep escarpments which meet the eye allowing for a mind-blowing experience. Join: Garden Route Tours

    Kruger National Park

    Journey to the world-renowned Kruger National Park or visit one of South Africa’s most prestigious private game reserves scattered within the Kruger area and experience the big 5 African style.

    Join from a selection of rated world-class safari drives where one has the opportunity to view rhino, elephant, lion, buffalo, cheetah and many varieties of antelope species. End the day savouring a sumptuous and varied African styled buffet dinner, yet another highlight! Join:  Kruger Safari Tours


    Yes that’s right Madagascar is a proud member of Southern Africa. Start by exploring the majestic North, South, East or West Circuit including exotic Rain Forests, Baobab Avenue, Paradise Beaches and Tsingy Rock Formations. As well as scenic views encountered during our tours, local wildlife including panther chameleons, lemurs, comet moths, tomato frogs and native bird species may be seen.

    For a custom twist create your own tour and combine short choice options giving you various adventures to select from, combining Nosy B Island, Rain Forests, Baobab Avenue, Culture and/or Tsingy Rock Formations especially suited for guests with limited time wanting to get more out of one day. Join:  Madagascar Tours

    Okavango Delta

    The Okavango Delta a large inland swamp which makes for a unique safari experience. Covered in 11 cubic kilometres of water at certain times of the year the habitat has no shortage of diverse fish populations which is home to at least 71 species. The Moremi Game Reserve, a national park makes for some of the best game viewing in the world and has been named a natural wonder of Africa. Join:  Okavango Safari Tours

    Victoria Falls

    The well-known Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world and a classified as a world heritage site has a combined width of 1.708 metres making it the largest sheet of falling water. The Victoria Falls area is also known as safari country with jewels such as the Zambezi National Park, Chobe National Park and Hwange National Park. A most noted feature of the falls is the common sight of the awe-inspiring rainbow caused by the spray from the falls. Waiting till full moon one also has the opportunity to see to famous moonbow.Join: Victoria Falls Tours

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    Air Jordan 1 Hyper Crimson will debut early next year

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    Air Jordan 1 Hyper Crimson is still the most popular 9-hole OG version. The upper is made of gray, with a black collar and Swoosh Logo, embellished with an orange outsole and wings logo. The overall style is different from the classic style of the past, but it is very harmonious and worth looking forward to.The Air Jordan 1 has had the run of a lifetime in 2018. With the brand releasing over 25 new and unique colorways, the 33-year-old silhouette is still flexing as one of the most important in sneaker history. Now, we have a somewhat official confirmation that this unprecedented release schedule will continue into the new year. While the Air Jordan 1 has leaked in plenty of new colors in recent weeks, we finally have a detailed look at our favorite pair yet: the new “Hyper Crimson” iteration said to be starting off 2019 in January. This Jordan 1 Retro High OG begins with a flat black base for the upper, encased by neutral grey paneling. The ankle padding comes in a new faded crimson tone, which gives the shoe its “Hyper Crimson” moniker. Finally, the colorway is rounded out by a small bit of text on the lateral sides that reads “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG”. The addition of text is somewhat new to the Air Jordan 1, save for 2018’s “Not For Resale” from several months ago. Nonetheless, the seasonal tag has been added prominently to the lateral side of each shoe.

    Nike’s Air 270 was an impressive new addition to the brand’s Air arsenal this year. As the tallest Nike Air unit on record, the Nike Air Max 270 is an eye-catching shoe from almost any angle, due to the oversized, and usually, colorful airbag resting under the heel. Since the new technology’s introduction during Air Max Month this year, the silhouette has taken off, slowly appearing on the feet of not just die-hard Air Max aficionados, but average consumers as well. While the look wasn’t for everyone, the comfort almost always was. Now, the Swoosh is planning to build off of the excitement for the Air Max 270 with a wild new update.

    As early as a few months ago, two 4D shoes, 4D-5923 and ZX 4000 4D, which adidas will release this year, will be heard. After reporting on 4D-5923 many times, let’s take a look at another launch. Futureida 4D sole adidas ZX 4000 4D.The sneaker world is anxiously awaiting the global release of adidas’ infamous Futurecraft 4D technology. The first time we saw the new tech was just under two whole years ago and very little progress has been made toward a worldwide release since then. While sneaker leak accounts across the internet have insisted Futurecraft is coming soon, there is no real expectation for when the larger population will have a chance to buy them. Over the last few months, adidas has slowly dropped a few Consortium Futurecraft projects, though numbers were so limited that they may as well have been a friends & family release like the original. However, this week, we have another great look at a Futurecraft 4D silhouette rumored to drop next year. The adidas ZX4000_4D was first leaked earlier this year in a glowing photo editorial, and now, new official images of the lighter grey pair indicate a release is on the horizon.

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    Air Jordan 1 Neutral Grey Will Release Next Month

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    What new tricks will Air Jordan 1 play next year? This may be a question in the hearts of many people. Air Jordan 1 Neutral Grey, which has been exposed several times before, shows everyone the new side of Air Jordan 1. Recently, Instagram shoes account @hanzuying has taken a more complete picture. If this year's Air Jordan 1 is a black toe trend, there may be a variety of new designs in the mainstream next year. The "Neutral Grey" features black and light khaki, with pink details on the upper and pink khaki leather with black high-quality leather for a nice texture. In addition to color matching, the word “SP 19 AIR JORDAN HIGH OG” on the outside of the shoe is very eye-catching. I don’t know if it’s a unique design or it will be added to Air Jordan 1 next year.

    This year, Nike Air Force 1 launched a number of colors with a high degree of sincerity. Recently, there is another yin and yang color matching official release, and the preview will be released soon. Based on Nike's most classic Air Force 1 High, the details are designed to be the highlight of the pair. The body of the shoe is designed with a yin and yang body, with black on the outside and red on the inside, which is similar to the Air Jordan 1 yin and yang. The white color at the toe and the black and red color at the shoe body create a splicing texture. At the same time, the black, white and red colors collide with the good retro temperament, which is quite attractive! The “flame” pattern on the heel, as well as the “ATL” lettering on the velcro, may represent the Atlanta theme.

    This year, Jordan Brand brought a number of "Tinker Manuscript" color matching sneakers, which attracted a large number of OG-level sneaker players and received great acclaim. After the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 10 are released for sale, the last Air Jordan 8 Tinker Air Raid II will also debut this month. Inspired by Tinker's classic Air Raid II, the Air Jordan has the same cross strap design as the Air Jordan 8. The body is finished in pure black, and the upper is made of suede and Air Raid II's signature nylon fabric, giving the outdoor sneakers a rugged and durable style. The Air Jordan 8's iconic TPU and the red, yellow, blue and green color graffiti styles of the tongue are all ethnic, and the lining and midsole are also decorated in color. The cool, pure black theme has a bright-eyed color look, making it an excellent choice for the winter.